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This is an archived copy of my old (academic) homepage formerly hosted at Chalmers. It is no longer being updated.

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Markus Billeter

Ph.D. Student, Computer Graphics

Room 4116, floor 4, EDIT, Campus Johanneberg

Phone (work): +46 (0)31 772 52 12

e-mail: <my family name> @

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Chalmers University of Technology

SE-412 96 Gothenburg



Currently involved in:

Note: feel free to try Capoeira at our group. We're located in the Student Union building, and have passes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Everybody is welcome.

Have been involved in:

  • F6, 2004-2005
  • Spidera (Spidera = webmasters for the Engineering Physics Student Union)
  • SNF, Cashier at "SNF" (SNF is responsible for arranging studies-related events and stuff)
  • F-Spexet, I really have no clue on how to describe "spexet", but I was the sound- and light-technician (i.e. carried around heavy and uncomfortable equipment), and later responsible for the homepage for "Beowulf".

Page-related facts

This page is hosted at my university, and used to publish work-related stuff. (There are, and have been for quite some time, plans to move it to a different location, though.)

Technically, the page exists in source form as a set up XML documents, and a few XSLT and CSS stylesheets. The XSLT stylesheets are used (with xsltproc) to transform the XML documents into more or less valid XHTML - some simple sed-oneliners take care of turning the output into real valid XHTML (according to the W3 validator).