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Volumetric Shadows using

Polygonal Light Volumes

  • Authors: Markus Billeter, Erik Sintorn, Ulf Assarsson
  • Presented at HPG2010
  • Paper PDF
  • Presentation PDF
  • Movie MP4

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This page contains information and resources related to the Real Time Volumetric Shadows using Polygonal Light Volumes by myself, Erik Sintorn and Ulf Assarsson. The algorithm itself is described in the paper ;-).

Below, there are some resources that might be helpful in implementing this algorithm/technique.

Screenshot: directed volumetric shadows Screenshot: omni volumetric shadows


The algorithm relies on efficient computation of the airlight contribution between two points in space. There are several approaches to this; we base our approach on the solution presented by Sun et al in the paper A practical analytic single scattering model for real time rendering.


  • Lookup table (1024x512 texture) in loglog-space: Download (TSV, gz-compressed)
  • Lookup table (1024x512 texture) in loglog-space with tlo premultiplied: Download (TSV, gz-compressed)

Shaders, matlab-code for lookup table generation to be added soon


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