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There and back again

Posted on 2014-10-14 | filed under random | permalink

So, after having managed to successfully defend my Ph.D. thesis, it’s time to leave Chalmers and start doing some moving. One one hand, this includes a move to Zürich, where I’m starting as a Postdoc with the VMML at the University of Zürich. On the other hand, it means moving my academic homepage from the Chalmers servers, since my computer account at Chalmers will eventually expire (and my homepage there will cease to exist).

This page is pretty much the result of the latter move. The former one is a bit of work in progress (edit: so is the former, actually). I’m in Zürich, but most of my stuff isn’t - yet. Fun times are sure to be had, especially since finding apartments in Zürich apparently is somewhat crazy totally insane.