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SIGGRAPH 2015 Course Slides

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Many-Light Rendering on Mobile Hardware - Title

Slides from the SIGGRAPH 2015 course on many-light rendering are now (mostly) up on both my page and Ola’s. As with the earlier SIGGRAPH Asia course, I’ve again extracted and listed all references with links (where material is available online).

The course also ended up being renamed to its final and slightly longer name Real-Time Many-Light Management and Shadows with Clustered Shading; this actually more accurately reflects the main focus of many of the techniques that we talk about (including clustered shading), namely efficient light management.

SIGGRAPH 2015 Course on Many-Light Rendering

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Screenshot from the SIGGRAPH blog

I guess it’s pretty much official that our course on many-light rendering is accepted at SIGGRAPH 2015. Seeing a picture from the mobile rendering part at the top of the blog post was also really a pleasant surprise (despite all clearly visible smudges on my phone). The course is an updated version of our SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 course.

For what it’s worth, I’m also really curious about two of the other courses announced at the link above, namely the course by Chris Wyman (“An Overview of Next-Generation Graphics APIs”) as well as the “Moving Mobile Graphics”-one.

More Efficient Virtual Shadow Maps for Many Lights

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IEEE Explore now hosts the final version of the “More Efficient Virtual Shadow Maps for Many Lights” paper (which is an extension to the “Efficient Virtual Shadow Maps for Many Lights” paper that Ola presented at i3D 2014).

For some reason, some of the figures in the paper ended up being rasterized – the original figures were (at least partly) vector graphics. This is particularly weird for Figure 12 (a set of plots); all other plots in the paper survived as vector graphics.

The preprint PDF that’s also available online (check the Publications-page) has the original vector graphics.

SIGGRAPH Asia Course Slides

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Many-light demo on Samsung Galaxy Alpha

My slides from our SIGGRAPH Asia course on many-light rendering are now available for download. I’ll add the other slide-decks as they become available.

Grab them from the “Efficient Real-Time Shading with Many-Lights” page. The page also has a list of all references with links (where I could find a good source).

I’m currently working on making the source for the Android many-light demo available (from which the included screen shot was taken).

SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 course

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Course Title Slide

Ola Olsson, Emil Persson and I have been putting together a course on many light rendering for SIGGRAPH Asia. Now that the programme is online, you can find some information about it on the SA2014 homepage.

Tl;dr: We’re going to talk about real-time many light rendering on Friday, between 09:00 and 12:00. There’s an introduction to a few current many-light methods used in real-time contexts, followed by some details about clustered shading in its various shapes and forms. (The link above points to a full description.)

Slides from the presentations will be made available after the presentation.

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